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empirica GmbH

empirica GmbH (EMP), Bonn, Germany: empirica has a strong track record of almost 20 years in developing, managing and implementing European-wide and global research, policy and strategy de-velopment and implementation projects. In addition, empirica staff have contributed to and led projects dealing with many aspects of innovative health-care, including leading RTD consortia and market vali-dation activities in telemedicine and other areas of e-health, and compiling the most detailed recent investigation of the heterogeneous landscape of e-health applications across the EU. Ongoing work at empirica for the eBusiness Market W@tch observatory (DG Enterprise) gives access to the most up-to-date statistics on many features of e-health in Europe including aspects key to interoperability such as use of open standards. It will be responsible for the overall management of the project, including administrative and technical coordination (WP 6). In addition, it will lead WP1 on developing a Concep-tual Framework and language for guiding the overall work of the project and WP 2 Analysis of frame-work architecture and building blocks incl. of EHR.

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EHTEL European Health Telematics Association

European Health Telematics Association (EHTEL), Brussels, Belgium: EHTEL represents members from National Health Authorities, health care providers, industry, patients, and research. Thus it is a key facilitator for such a support action. It will lead the work of the Open Interoperability Co-ordination Workflow interoperability - e-prescription (WP 4) including workshop preparation and organisation, etc. In addition, based on its wide dissemination activities in general and access to the professional community across the Union, EHTEL will also lead WP 5 Dissemination.

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Research institute of the German National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians

This research institute of the German National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians has a strong interest in operability issues and participates amongst other projects in the eTEN NetCARDS project. It will lead the work on Identification management of actors and organisations - fundamental interoperability issues (WP 3).

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Work Research Centre (WRC), Dublin, Ireland

Work Research Centre (WRC), Dublin, Ireland: This private research institute has a strong back-ground in analytical work in e-health and e-inclusion fields as well as in policy development and evaluation. It will therefore strongly support the work particularly in WP1 and WP 2..

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Technical University of Košice (TUK), Slovakia

Technical University of Košice (TUK), Slovakia: Due to its specific expertise in the field of e-government, related subtasks in WPs 2 and 3 will be the responsibility of TUK. It will also assure that the point of view and situation in the 10 new Member States is better incorporated into the overall framework of this support action as well as in the activities of the other WPs. However, this cannot mean that the wide variety of regional and national specifities, particularly in the health sector, but also with respect to cultural, social and language differences can fully be covered by it. A particular focus will lie on supporting the collection of use case examples, structuring and analysing technical interop-erability issues, roadmap development and dissemination activities.

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