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Selected statements and presentations of the i2-Health project approach, the public project deliverables and some background on interoperability related issues.

Final i2-Health Workshop (Part 2): Presentation of the Interoperability Initiative for a European eHealth Area at MEDTEL 2006

The International Conference MEDTEL 2006 eHealth Promotion was held on December 7th – 8th, 2006 in Prague, Czech Republic. This was the fourth bi-annual conference focusing on healthcare telematics held in Prague. The i2-Health project contibuted to this conference by a presentation to the opening plenary titled "eHealth Interoperability in Europe” and an i2-health Workshop to disseminate the results of the "Interoperability Initiative for a European eHealth Area" to the audience from all European member states present at this conference.

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Final i2-Health Workshop (Part 1): Presentation of the Interoperability Initiative for a European eHealth Area at WHIT 2006

With two educational sessions titled "Update on ePrescribing in Europe: Moving from models and architectures to new services for patients" (11.10.) and "Interoperability of Identification Management in eHealth - Lessons Learned" (12.10.) the i2-Health project reported on the project results at the event "World of Health IT" jointy organised by many European organisers and HIMSS (United States).

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Improving healthcare and patient safety by interoperable ePrescribing services

Observations & Conclusions from the EHTEL International Conference ePrescribing & Medication Management Ljubljana (Slovenia), June 2006 (hosted by the Ministry of Health, Slovenia and ZZZS)

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ICT for Health (FP6): Article on i2-Health – Interoperability Initiative for a European e-Health Area

i2-Health is supporting discussions amongst national Health Ministries, the EC and stakeholders towards identifying organisational structures for faster progress in setting up interoperability amongst eHealth ser-vices (so that "one application entity can accept data from the other and perform that task in an appropriate and satisfactory manner without the need for extra operator intervention").

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Presentation of the Interoperability Initiative for a European eHealth Area at MIE 2005

At the congress Medical Informatics Europe (MIE), organised in 2005 by the European Federation for Medical Informatics (EFMI) at Geneva, the i2-health project held a workshop which attracted quite some audience within the workshop part of the congress.

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i2-Health Presentation at Med-e-Tel 2005 (Luxembourg)

As part of the programme of Med-e-Tel fair 2005 in Luxembourg the presentation "Interoperability Initiative for a European e-health area - A common umbrella for Interoperability related projects like I2-Health, TMA-Bridge, eHealth ERA etc." was given as part of the workshop "Trans-National Interoperability in eHealth: Facing the Challenges and Overcoming the Barriers Chaired by TM-Alliance (a European Space Agency, World Health Organization, International Telecommunication Union and European Commission partnership)

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i2-Health Presentation (partly German)

The enclosed slides titled "Interoperabilitätsinitiative der Mitgliedstaaten und der Europäischen Kommission zur Unterstützung des Aktionsplans KOM(2004)356" were presented at the conference "Telemed 2005" on 7. April 2005 in Berlin (cf.

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Health-e Infostructures for Mobile Citizens

At the Conference of the European Association of Paritarian Institutions of Social Protection (AEIP) about "Statutory and Complementary Social Insurance in Europe - Dealing with the increase of relevant risks such as health, occupational Injury, disability and long term care on a European scale" at Brussels, April 21, 2005 Dr. Karl A. Stroetmann and Dr. Veli N. Stroetmann presented a paper on "Health-e Infostructures for Mobile Citizens - the European eHealth Action Plan".

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Towards an Interoperability Framework for a European e-Health Research Area – Locating the Semantic Interoperability Domain

The paper was presented by Dr. Karl A. Stroetmann & Dr. Veli N. Stroetmann at the Joint EU-WHO Workshop on semantic interoperability prerequisites for efficient e-health systems. The workshop was organised i) to identify the various dimensions and aspects of semantic interoperability, particularly in the context of the overall interoperability (technical, functional, etc) of e-health systems ii) to review the state of the art of these aspects, including linguistic and knowledge engineering research iii) to identify further research challenges and topics needed to be addressed on national and international level iv) to recommend strategies where short-term benefits for target communities may reasonably be expected, with a definition of criteria for assessment. The workshop was organised in Brussels, Feb. 14-15, 2005 by the EC and WHO with strong support from the eTEN I2-Health project represented by Karl and Veli Stroetmann. They workshop on Semantic Interoperability was joined by 21 invited experts from around the world.

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